Ultrasonic mosquito repellent bracelet

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Product name: Ultrasonic mosquito repellent bracelet

Function: Ultrasonic mosquito repellent


The hand strap sends ultrasonic waves to the body and promotes good blood flow.

Which is then released through sweat and lymphatic drainage that contribute the reduction of blood sugar levels. Just put on the hand strap and it will do all the work for you.



Simply wear the Komo Ultrasonic Liquefaction Hand Strap around your wrist for 8 hours a day. The strap will automatically turn itself on and start producing ultrasonic waves.

Input: 5V / 1A

Output: 34HZ-70KHZ

Battery capacity: 90mAH

Charging time: about 30 minutes

Endurance working time: 130 hours

Product color: black, white, black purple, white purple

Mosquito repellent principle: The bracelet achieves the effect of repelling mosquitoes by imitating the sounds that female mosquitoes hate, such as the sounds of male mosquitoes and dragonflies. Female mosquitoes will avoid male mosquitoes and avoid secondary conception. So the sound of male mosquitoes can achieve mosquito repellent effect.


Additional information

Weight0.04 g
Dimensions250 × 150 × 100 cm

White, White and purple, Black and purple, Black


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