Fungus Removal Laser Device for Toenail Fingernails & Onychomycosis

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Advanced Technology for Effective Results: Our device utilizes the power of 910nm infrared light and 470nm blue light, penetrating the nail plate to mechanically damage fungal cell walls. This process raises the nail plate temperature to a therapeutic range of 43 to 51 degrees Celsius, delivering targeted fungal thermal damage and inhibiting regeneration.

💪 Rechargeable and Convenient: Experience the freedom of a rechargeable device that fits seamlessly into your daily routine. Just 7 minutes, twice a day, for three months is all it takes to witness a significant improvement. Consistency is key, and in 12 to 18 months, watch your toenails grow out healthier and more beautiful than ever.

🌟 Transformative Results, Pain-Free: Our laser device not only treats nail deformations but also alleviates painful walking associated with fungal infections. Reclaim your confidence and comfort with nails that look and feel healthy.

Practical Nail Care Tips Included: Keep your nails short and maintain optimal hygiene. Our product comes with expert advice on proper toenail trimming techniques and sterilization of nail clippers, ensuring a holistic approach to nail health.

Don’t let nail fungus control your life. Embrace our Nail Fungus Cleaning Laser Device and take a step towards healthier, happier nails. Invest in yourself today!

Charging method: USB


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Hot lamp * 1

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Dimensions74 × 64 × 53 cm

Pure White

17 reviews for Fungus Removal Laser Device for Toenail Fingernails & Onychomycosis

  1. ***Toy Collector

    This is a rechargeable laser therapy system for treating nail fungus. It is designed to be applied to thick and discolored nails on the hands and toes. It is portable, lightweight, and easy to use.I find feet and toes repulsive, and certain people’s feet just make me shiver. I didn’t want my toes to look like those I saw, especially as I grew older, so I wanted to try to cure the nails now before it was too late.It’s easy to attach this device where you need it. When the seven minutes are up, the device shuts off indicating it’s finished. According to the instructions, results become apparent after three months. It can be done while sleeping or lying in bed twice a day, in the morning and at night.I’m using this simple, painless technique, and I’m following the instructions exactly. Since I’ve just had a few weeks, I’ll have to wait until the third month to see my outcomes. However, I am optimistic.

  2. Andrew

    Very easy to use, after a few weeks the nail toe’s color has changed so it seems to be working!

  3. Jon Hall

    Use it twice a day in about a week you can see the noticeable difference. I trimmed some of the old mail off and I’m seeing lots of new nail forming

  4. D. Bell

    This device is very simple to use. It simply clips to each toe (one at a time) and you can leave it on for the treatment period. It easily recharges via USB. I haven’t used it long enough to know how much it will help, but it is certainly easy to use.

  5. Yesi

    Been using this device for about 3 weeks now. It had spread to 3 toes, with only one that’s pretty bad. I caught it 20 years ago from my parents. (Never let your kids play with your shoes if you have foot fungus!).I saw a difference after 2 weeks on the light toes. The one that has had it the longest, is gonna take time. Keep your feet dry but moisturize your nails. I use almond oil on a q-tip. The blue light/laser does get hot but not too bad.I’ll update again later.

  6. Alex PAlex P

    So I went to the podiatrist after years of trying unsuccessfully to solve this toenail fungus issue on my right toenail. Most of my toenail (that was detached from its bed) was cut off to retrieve a sample to send to the pathologist to uncover exactly what type of fungus I had. The results were not a fungus but an over abundance of bacteria (whatever that means?). The doctor’s advice was to have three laser sessions each one costing $100 with no guarantees. I decided to spend $68 on this little laser and see what I could do on my own. See before and after photos above after using the laser 2X daily for 20 days. It squeezes your toe a bit, but very tolerable and worth it if it ultimately repairs my toenail completely. My goal is for my toenail to completely grow back in attached to the nail bed with a natural free edge to match the opposing foot. Keep your fingers crossed for me.🤞

  7. Lilabet

    I have been having trouble with fungus on my big toes for several years. It gets better using one thing and then comes back again and I’ll try something else. I’ve tried both home remedies and OTC remedies plus a cream prescribed by my dermatologist. This device has been the easiest to use and I’ve used it twice a day for the past 3 weeks and believe it or not there has been some improvement in that short of time. I know that this will take some time to clear up but I’m very happy and encouraged to see progress already. I thoroughly recommend this great little device.

  8. p. Wade

    I was skeptical of this item, and I’m still not sure it’s not just the placebo effect, but it does seem like it is working. I’ve been using the item for about a month and the the newer part of my toenail appears to be healthier than the older part. Granted, my issue was pretty minor, so a more serious case might not experience the same results. There aren’t many good remedies for such a minor flaw, the oral medication requires a blood test and has side effects, so this appears to be a good start.

  9. Mama

    Time will tell, as toenails grow incredibly slowly. But, it’s easy to use and comfortable.

  10. mauricio

    very good product works I recommend i

  11. John M. 

    Easy to use -I can see the results

  12. Maria 

    Amazing product, I’ve used it couple of times and I’ve seen much difference definitely recommended

  13. E. Wood

    I have struggled with onychomycosis for years. I have tried a number of treatments to no avail. This device seems to be working. I have only used it a week (in conjunction with ciclopirox medicated polish, which I have used for years) and am noting a change with the laser device. I keep my nails trimmed short and file the thickness so that the UV/heat can more easily penetrate to the space under the nail where the fungus grows. I will update in 3-6 months, the time required for the nail to grow out completely.

  14. Sofia

    This device is improving my toenail fungus and my hopes of being able to wear sandals again, for years I have been dealing with this problem on my feet, some toenails have more damage than others but I am sure that I will eradicate them with this device, I use it in the morning before going to work and in the afternoon when I arrive, I have already seen a very noticeable change in 2 of my nails. The toenail in the picture had a dark black line and it started to disaper

  15. Haley

    My son is constantly getting a fungus under his nails, so a friend told me about this and I jumped on and grabbed it. All you have to do is make sure it is charged up, open it and place it on your finger or toe and hold it there for a few minutes. Within 24 hours it is all but gone each time he uses it. Great price, highly recommend.

  16. Cheryl

    This is a compact laser device that is easy to use. I can just plug it into a portable USB charging battery and it only takes 7 minutes. However, after using it for two and a half months 2 times a day, morning and night, my infection still has not cleared significantly. I took a week off last week from using the device, to see if that might make a difference, and it didn’t. The first 1-2 days of using the device the infection in my nailbed under the toenail cleared almost immediately. I was really impressed. However, it came back. I started using a natural fungus solution the last month in addition to the device. I am disappointed that with using the laser device, fungus solution, eating more well-balanced meals, making sure my feet are clean and/or sanitized, and taking a multi-vitamin high in biotin, it still hasn’t cleared. The infection is under the toenail. I am not sure if it is growing a new, healthy toenail bed or not. The nail is now down to the point of where the infection stops and rest of the healthy nail seem to meet. I am hoping it will clear soon! This toenail bed has had this infection for 5 years. The light still works on the laser, so I assume it is still works.

  17. Jahir L

    So good so far, the product feel like is working, a little bit uncomfortable for big toes, but seems to work.

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