Cervical Support Shaped Horn Pillow

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Color: blue white, gray White

Material: Cotton

Category: Pillow

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Pillow *1

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Weight1.30 g
Dimensions630 × 100 × 100 cm

Blue White, Gray White

10 reviews for Cervical Support Shaped Horn Pillow

  1. Mila S.

    My elderly mother is bedridden due to current health. She has always been a light sleeper. I am hoping this contour pillow adds a bit of comfort and aids in her nightless nights. She has not complained yet. Although, it only has been a couple of nights. The pillow is a not as dense and firm as what she was sleeping on so this is an improvement. In addition, in lieu of a medical bed (ridiculously expensive), we had to change her bed to accommodate different positions. This pillow did well when she sat up to watch videos on her iPad. She dislikes sleeping in the dark; thus, the bonus mask goes to yours truly. The price is fair.

  2. Jeremy Mutumba

    The size and contour is perfect, how ever it is way too soft to give you the support it’s supposed to. Comfy if you want soft and not support.

  3. Smik

    I dislikes the pillow as it is very flat and its mot firm to support my neck and shoulders. Be an orthopaedic pillow it should have more support I had to place it on another pillow to get the effect.

  4. Ghostgirl423Ghostgirl423

    I have terrible cervical pain due to degenerative disc disease. I’ve been through so many pillows I could probably open a pillow store.This style of pillow has become all the rage for people with neck pain. I’ve tried this style before but thought this one might be different.First of all, this pillow is incredibly soft; probably the softest pillow I’ve ever owned. I love the cute eye mask as well. It came all rolled up but puffed up as soon as it was unpacked. There was a chemical smell but it went away after a day of airing out.This pillow is not uncomfortable, it’s just awkward. I’m a side sleeper and I had to keep my head on the tiny bit of the sides meant for side sleeping.If you like these type/shape pillows, this one is definitely one of the better ones I’ve tried. Unfortunately, these types just aren’t for me.

  5. xxxxx

    The shape seemed odd at first, but since I sleep on my side, the little wings on the end is perfect. I used to stuff my down feathered pillows endlessly to get that side winged effect. The pillow is very comfortable and soft. Your head just sinks and melts into it but not so much that it doesn’t provide enough support. It also comes with a machine washable zippered case.

  6. As_seen

    I got this pillow only yesterday but I can already say (after one night!) that it is an excellent product – well, at least for me. I was a bit worried about the adjustment period – I used to have different neck and shoulders pillows and had to give up as I never got used to them – I just felt they were doing more harm than good to me and felt too anxious to give it more time than a couple of weeks. But this one totally surprised me – I slept so well, it’s unbelievable. I really struggle with my neck pain at nights and recently couldn’t sleep at all, plus the pain would make my mornings really hard so this is such a nice surprise. I used the lower side (I’m a side sleeper) and it just felt so, so comfortable and natural, as if it was tailor-made for me. Amazing.

  7. Hanna

    I have found it More comfortable than my normal pillow .

  8. Gerry

    I find this pillow so comfy. I’ve bought so many pillows you wouldn’t believe! I gave neck and shoulder problems. Finally found one right for me. Even take it on holiday.

  9. Chris P.

    :: Initial experience ::While I realize that pillows (like bath tissue) are very personal things, from my experience trying MANY pillows, I am very surprised as to how much I loved this pillow. It’s not to say that others are bad and this one is the best, but, I have found that I am excited to get in bed now because of how comfortable this pillow is. It’s like a tender bear hug for your neck and shoulders. It feels like putting your head and neck into a form-fitted case to sleep. From my personal experience, I really loved this pillow and I hope this helps you decide if you will too.[: Pros :]-Very functionally molded to head and shoulders-Great for back or side sleeping (untested stomach sleeping)-Supports multiple sleeping positions-Aligns neck, spine-Opens air pathways-Medium-firm yet soft and comfortable, allows some give for support but not hardness-Cool and breathable-No odor-Silk sleep mask included-Great gift item-Great value]: Cons :[-None during initial testing

  10. Shawn K

    Soft not firm. Head slides off. Fast shipping

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